Quality. Timeless. Tailored.

The way we build our homes says a lot about us. At Tailored Homes, we believe that your home should fit your lifestyle.

We create quality, custom homes that are designed with function and specific lifestyle in mind. We believe the home-building experience shouldn't be stressful, which is why we provide an elevated and enjoyable experience to all of our clients.

We believe in taking care of the customer, and want you to feel comfortable while designing your home. We think about every detail in your new home with careful consideration, which is why our customers trust us to create timeless, quality homes for their families.

As a fourth generation Chesterfield resident and second generation home builder, Taylor believes in the importance of community and family. He has always been focused on the people behind the houses he builds, and believes they're just as important as the little details that go into your future home.

Whether you’re recently married and looking for your first home to start your new life together… or you’re a stay at home mom with children who simply needs more space, we guarantee that we will build the home that fits your dreams and ambitions for the future. Our goal is to always build the home that fits your lifestyle, while you sit back and have fun designing with us!

Tailored Homes is focused on building your luxury home with fun and functionality in mind. All of our homes are "Built to a T," and you can trust that we'll design the home that's perfect for you.